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Who is the UD App for?

Anyone using a desktop computer, especially researchers and knowledge workers who must go online often and learn about a variety of subjects and synthesize something from what they have culled in their findings. Also, it is ideal for anyone who wishes to reclaim space on their Mac or Windows desktop and save oodles of time. The key benefit is not only in reducing eye-strain and clutter, it actually allows users to do a context switch in seconds per day, rather than what can sometimes take several mintues per day. It provides convenience and greater organization for a constant stream of information and knowledge, which often has to be searched for down the road when a temporary context has been all but forgotten. Have you wanted to be the goto person for information? This will make it easy for you to dig up information that other people have buried somewhere on their computer... you will know where it is on yours!

Read more detail about this use case here: Use case 1: Keeping track of my personal information

This is the ideal tool for people in large organizations who are now dealing with channel overload and constant churn. Yes, Slack and Box.com are excellent infrastructure tools that help collaboration immensely, but these are just two from a list of dozens of tools that are in use in a single large company. The UD App can offer help in synthesizing important info for fast paced environments, where each person will be a greater asset if they can efficiently organize links and details that are specifically important to them, or their team, and keep them in a place that works for their brain.

Read more detail about this use case here: Use case 2: Mastering the information flow and important tasks at the workplace

There is an anticipated benefit to new hires in a company who use the UD App, who are overwhelmed by the resources, documents, urls, scripts, applications and other items that get piled in front of them. Yes there is often a good list of links and action items that someone has compiled, maybe a few months ago, but quite often the list does not match the scope of their work, is incomplete and is for just one aspect of their job and they need to refer to many such separate lists. It will greatly help interns and co-ops and contribute to their success if they can easily and effortlessly organize their stuff in a way that suits their role and their current tasks and their individual thought patterns.

email: support@unitraverse.com

Our company was founded in July 2017 by Bradley Pliam.

The headquarters is currently in Austin, Texas.

Ideas that have been in gestation since the early 2000s have now finally been given 'wings'.

The mission of the company is to deliver happiness in the form of value and great user experience via high quality software, being honest about what is being delivered, and up-front about any current limitations. The world of software has some great things, along with some insidiously bad aspects. We intend to be a positive influence.

Meet our current staff...

Brad Pliam - Dev lead