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Section 9
Unitraverse Desktop Productivity Application - Version 1.1

Best practices for vault construction
The overall use case for the UD app is to provide convenience and efficiency to your computer desktop experience by making things appear and disappear when you need them to. Much of this depends on your organizational style and also skill level, but now stowing and unstowing (a.k.a. filtering) will become much easier for our users.

There are some guidelines, though, that will allow you to get the most benefit and use from this application, whether you are highly organized, disorganized, whether you like to think things through before-hand or just dive in. For each type of person there will be preferences on how to go about using this tool, but, in general, here are some things to remember, regardless of your unique individual tendencies.

Guideline #1: Create context nodes for each individual job responsibility and place those job responsibilities or tasks at the upper levels of the vault hierarchy.

Guideline #2: Place things that are specific to some task as descendant context node items. This just follows a natural workflow pattern for most people.

Guideline #3: If some set of documents or links belongs to more than a single workitem, then create a separate node that is at the same level as the related workitems to contain these. Make a group moniker that allows you to open the shared items, or a subset of those shared items, easily. (Note: for this early version of the UD app, you will need to go to that container node in order to see the group in the open or close submenus, as group visibility settings are not customizable just yet)

Guideline #4: For items that are expected to have importance that outlives the task currently being worked on, 'configure' the enclosing node to target a file system location when things are exported. Reference materials and investigations of subjects which will live beyond the temporary context of the current workflow should live in a separate node that can be configured to deploy resources to a more 'findable' file system location.

Some groups of items will have importance beyond the temporary workflow context, but may need to stay in a folder (context node) that contains other items that don't belong in the same permanent location. For these situations, it would be nice to have an export policy that stores resources with a unique group name to a target file system directory. This has not yet been implemented. You may need to invent your own workaround for this situation for now.

Guideline #5: Keep things that you need to pay attention to every day, at the very top level of the vault hierarchy. If you bury stuff that needs to get worked on right right away, deep inside a vault, it is more likely these workitems will be forgotten about.

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Our company was founded in July 2017 by Bradley Pliam.

The headquarters is currently in Austin, Texas.

Ideas that have been in gestation since the early 2000s have now finally been given 'wings'.

The mission of the company is to deliver happiness in the form of value and great user experience via high quality software, being honest about what is being delivered, and up-front about any current limitations. The world of software has some great things, along with some insidiously bad aspects. We intend to be a positive influence.

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