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Your personal information
unitraverse.com does not collect or track any personal information. We track usage of the desktop application anonymously and link it to an account key only to establish usage of the application for each account. For paid keys the user's email will then be linked to that account key, but we do not make this public.

Usage information
The data we collect from all users is used to help us in the following ways:

  • To help us determine what features are valuable to our customers and require development focus.
  • To help us determine if reporting spans overlap, so we can prevent account keys from being distributed and/or shared.

Your browsing navigation and website interactions
None of the browsing behavior, clicking activity or web page interactions of any user is tracked, monitored, analyzed or reported in any way by the UD app. The only behavior being sent with usage data reporting are the actions taken in the browser tab in which the UD application resides.

Your email address
A personal email is only required when paying for the software. Once you have sent in your payment, we verify your email and then keep it in our database, linked with your account key. Emails are kept confidential, and are not used except to provide support and guidance to you as a customer.

If at any time we change these policies, any emails in our posession prior to the change will remain undisclosed to other parties and to the public.

Changes to this policy
Any changes to this policy will be updated here. In the future, should the need arise to make changes to this policy, this url will be used, as well as direct email to customers.

email: support@unitraverse.com

Our company was founded in July 2017 by Bradley Pliam.

The headquarters is currently in Austin, Texas.

Ideas that have been in gestation since the early 2000s have now finally been given 'wings'.

The mission of the company is to deliver happiness in the form of value and great user experience via high quality software, being honest about what is being delivered, and up-front about any current limitations. The world of software has some great things, along with some insidiously bad aspects. We intend to be a positive influence.

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Brad Pliam - Dev lead

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