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Protecting against malware

Malware is a real issue these days and because it is impossible to know who the bad actors are and often difficult to determine what code is malicious, it has become necessary for a software company without an established reputation that seeks a wider adoption, to make their products available as human readable source code. That is the approach we have taken with the UD App's Web Helper extensions for Chrome and for FireFox® that get installed into the respective browsers and also with the Python udagent.py server that runs on your local machine. Instead of shipping binary code and munged code, it seemed reasonable and important to give customers a full view of what they were running on their systems.

The one exception to this is the JavaScript that runs in the relatively safe, conventional and restricted environment of the browser. Why not offer that as well? This may not surprise you, but it is not being offered in order to protect and maintain a first-to-market competitive advantage. Because a smidge of protection from commandeering of code was important to have, and because Chrome's XSS policies and strict rules for JavaScript make this a fairly normal and trusted thing to have running in browsers, the main application JavaScript in 'unitrav.js' remains minified and munged.

Be advised that there have been reported cases of browser extensions that began as trustworthy clean code being bought, and under new management, became malicious. A best practice would be to keep the source code, and if you are not comfortable with an update, start to use the browser extension source code that is safe. You can choose to install it in Chrome using Developer Mode but there are some risks to doing that according to the Chrome engineers. The best alternative would be to use the source code to 'pack' your own tab-tracking extension and then use that. The same basic option is available when using the FireFox® browser, which also allows you to load an addon from a local directory.

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Our company was founded in July 2017 by Bradley Pliam.

The headquarters is currently in Austin, Texas.

Bradley earned his B.S. degree from the University of Minnesota in 2014 and worked for IBM for 3 years, mostly as a system test developer inside the WebSphere organization in Austin, Texas. Ideas that were on the back-burner since the early 2000s have now started to become the focus of Unitraverse.

The mission of the company is to deliver happiness in the form of value and great user experience via high quality software, being honest about what is being delivered, and up-front about any current limitations. The world of software has some great things, along with some not so great things. We intend to be a positive influence.

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