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What is the UD App?
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What is the Unitraverse Desktop Productivity App?

The UD App is a client application that runs inside a browser on a desktop computer or laptop, giving users integrated organizaton and management capabilities for all assets. Working in conjunction with it's desktop agent, it provides a single interface that wraps both web urls and files together, for a seamless desktop workflow.

The goal is to help computer users organize their information without location redundancy, so that all resources, whether they be urls, documents, .pdfs, spreadsheets or other types of resources can be accessed simultaneously. It is a one-stop shop, a life-saver, for organization, not only providing a place to save web links from open browser tabs and have the urls where you want them, but it also gives you easy access to all assets, including those on the file system.

It gives you the ability to open and close groups of these resources with a single click. Launching resources is semi-automated, that is, once you capture and add files to the app database, which is fairly convenient and easy, a single click will launch and close groups of items belonging to your current workflow.

email: support@unitraverse.com

Our company was founded in July 2017 by Bradley Pliam.

The headquarters is currently in Austin, Texas.

Ideas that have been in gestation since the early 2000s have now finally been given 'wings'.

The mission of the company is to deliver happiness in the form of value and great user experience via high quality software, being honest about what is being delivered, and up-front about any current limitations. The world of software has some great things, along with some insidiously bad aspects. We intend to be a positive influence.

Meet our current staff...

Brad Pliam - Dev lead